• TheEmperianTimes

    Merry Christmas!

    December 24, 2010 by TheEmperianTimes

    From us to you!

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    We're pretty much devistated and sad that we all the time need to make changes, as well as get used to changes we didn't even decide to do, because of our provider Wikia.

    This month we came to an conclusion that unfortunately, there has been a very big mistake in our database causing our service (TheEmperianTimes) to get shut down for a while, and recarnated with a new name.

    The reason is that we noticed now that Emperian must be changed to Empyrean because that is how you spell "Empyrean" in the end, without any errors.

    This means that this blog will be shut down for some days, and recarnated into "TheEmpyreanTimes" making the stable release date of this website postponed to yet some days, as well creating a big confusion on this website, bo…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    coming soon!

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    The New design is finally here! Now you can experience the website with faster loading, and with amazing new features!

    Even though the list is big and hard to show off all features in one article! ...we suggest you sign up and start discovering the new things yourself!

    But! ...ofcourse we here decided to let out a list with some features we're extra proud of here on EOTS Wiki !

    [Article is not yet complete, we are having alot to do with the new design and feature launches, so thank you for your patcience! and remeber to edit as many pages you want!]

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    Hello dear citizens & strangers!
    We've been busy creating the most perfect and excellent skin to the (unwanted but forced) design change made by our service provider Wikia.

    As you may see the design right now is a mess because of the new design which is yet not designed! but the new design will be rolling out pretty soon fixing everything and even more... and we're excited!
    We have ALOT of new articles, ideas... and even a new front page coming up! so it all looks good!

    Not only that... we will do our best job to recruit more loyal citizens into this Emperian wiki!

    What design you can expect you can see here:

    May the tiger be with you! and we'll see eachother soon!
    /The EOTS Wiki Team

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