Empire reminisced at the Open'er Festival grounds!
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The official logo of the Open'er Festival.

EotS is beloved! - in Poland! at the Heineken Open'er Festival 2011!

after an astonishing live performance at the annual Heinken Open'er Festival in 2010, Empire is reminisced at the big TV screens under the half hour breaks between the concerts.

Three photos taken off of the live performance back in 2010 are proudly showed off in the segments of the happenings of what the year of 2010 at the festival had to give.

Empire was proudly placed in 2010 at the second day of the festival at the hour of 00:00 as the final concert for the day, at the main stage... leaving people craving for more.

If Empire of the Sun returns to Poland this year is yet to be seen, but if they will return... they will be more than welcomed by the Empyreans Citizens of Poland...!

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