• Gcheung28

    Empire of the Sun has a lot of fans, but it's still pretty cool when one of them is JJ Abrams! The Star Trek director and creator of Lost said, "Empire of The Sun ... "make music that gets stuck in my head, and then it's in my head all damn day...They're awesome."

    How cool is that?? Here's a clip of him saying it and talking about Empire of the Sun (listen from 7:14 on for the music bit)!

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  • EmpireOfTheSun

    Merry Christmas!

    December 24, 2010 by EmpireOfTheSun

    We are thankful for all of the supporters out there that have supported our website throughout it's toughest times, and trust us! in a matter of days, this Empire will be full loaded with Empyrean content and so much more!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    For the Empire and it's Citizens!
    /The EOTS Wiki Team

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    Merry Christmas!

    December 24, 2010 by TheEmperianTimes

    From us to you!

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    We're pretty much devistated and sad that we all the time need to make changes, as well as get used to changes we didn't even decide to do, because of our provider Wikia.

    This month we came to an conclusion that unfortunately, there has been a very big mistake in our database causing our service (TheEmperianTimes) to get shut down for a while, and recarnated with a new name.

    The reason is that we noticed now that Emperian must be changed to Empyrean because that is how you spell "Empyrean" in the end, without any errors.

    This means that this blog will be shut down for some days, and recarnated into "TheEmpyreanTimes" making the stable release date of this website postponed to yet some days, as well creating a big confusion on this website, bo…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    coming soon!

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    The New design is finally here! Now you can experience the website with faster loading, and with amazing new features!

    Even though the list is big and hard to show off all features in one article! ...we suggest you sign up and start discovering the new things yourself!

    But! ...ofcourse we here decided to let out a list with some features we're extra proud of here on EOTS Wiki !

    [Article is not yet complete, we are having alot to do with the new design and feature launches, so thank you for your patcience! and remeber to edit as many pages you want!]

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    Hello dear citizens & strangers!
    We've been busy creating the most perfect and excellent skin to the (unwanted but forced) design change made by our service provider Wikia.

    As you may see the design right now is a mess because of the new design which is yet not designed! but the new design will be rolling out pretty soon fixing everything and even more... and we're excited!
    We have ALOT of new articles, ideas... and even a new front page coming up! so it all looks good!

    Not only that... we will do our best job to recruit more loyal citizens into this Emperian wiki!

    What design you can expect you can see here:

    May the tiger be with you! and we'll see eachother soon!
    /The EOTS Wiki Team

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    We here were shocked when we first heard about that our service provider, Wikia, is changing it's main design which we have used... and been proud of it in months now.
    But unfortunately it's all changing, and from our beloved Monaco-design, we need to change to the unwanted but forcly-needed Oasis design.
    To let you into our designing world, we've decided to show off our plans for the new design! and we want your opinions about it!
    So here you go!

    What do you think about our plans for the new design?
    It's a huge difference... we know! But we cannot change the way the new design will work, but we can change the background... colors and everything visually!
    So don't be afraid and let us know if you enjoy the planned look... or if you would rather …

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    Rumours say, that the Steele family is on the move! - moving from Australia to New Zealand! As the rumours says, the Steele moved and were celebrating little Sunny Tiger's second birthday in the new house, with shopping and eating cake mix as the celebration treat!

    We only wish the Steele family the best in New Zealand if this is true! and hopefully New Zealand already greeted them with open arms!
    ...and ofcourse we congratulate little Sunny with many emperian hugs!

    Bye Australia... Hi New Zealand!

    We want to thank the anonymous commentor on this article which cleared that this is only a rumour, thank you! - be sure to become a citizen soon to get credit with your name on it!


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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [September 5, 2010] - The great war against Wikia

    Our Wiki provider / host: Wikia has decided to change their amazing design, Monaco, which we here on Empire of the Sun Wiki use, to another design called Oasis, forcing all of us change our design to the new Oasis design.

    We here on Empire of the Sun Wiki hate this design, and almost everyone agrees with us.
    Because of this, the work on this Wiki has been slowed down because we both demonstrate to let us use our design, aswell as we concider to change Wiki provider / host , but we haven't decided that yet.

    We want our own design, and do not want to change, but our current Wiki provider / host: Wikia force us to change, even though more than 1200 comments posted on their blog articles announcing…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [Aug. 25, 2010] - EOTS Wiki is improving! - Now it's time for the design!

    So we here, on EOTS Wiki promised you that we began working again since 28th July! - and that was a total truth!
    Now we have improved, and changed the way our Wiki's homepage is working.. for example!
    Aswell as other features, that we are very proud of, such as achievments who will soon be detailed crafted by our team which will make it more "emperian" - which will make it more fun for us, users to collect on! (totally free of charge!).

    Even though our website is getting better and better every day! ...we are not still satiscfied!
    We have discovered many flaws with this Wiki's functionality when it comes to design, and that is something which will change pretty soon!

    We wo…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    New 2010 Homepage!

    September 12, 2010 by TheEmperianTimes

    It's now filled with more color, banners, videos and much more eye candy than ever before! making it even more fun to log into the website! am I not right?

    This colorful chart will show you the exact changes we've made to the websites homepage!

    Press the button above to see the previous homepage design!

    We hope you enjoy the changes!

    For the empire and it's citizens!

    /The EOTS Wiki team & Citizens of the Sun

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [July 26, 2010] - The intense work on the Wiki is back!

    We here, on EOTS Wiki, are motivated and working really hard to keep the empire here on this wiki alive.
    We kept the Wiki updated throughout our vaccation break, and managed to write some new news entries aswell as some articles, as for example: Emperor Steele's article here on this wiki.
    Because we want to keep the Wiki as special as it can get, we do never "copy and paste" any articles from other sites in this site,
    We do research instead and then mindstorm it into one single article, creating a flawless, detailed and pleasant reading for the citizens.
    But even though we work in such way and on our free time, we are not satisfied.

    Now, the real intense work is back on this Wiki!

    We will be…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [June 30, 2010] - Hultsfred festival sends the ticket buyers to another festival... this may mean that the ticket buyers money is lost - forever.

    Hultsfred festival who got cancelled because of economy issues, had sold out approx. 5000 tickets to eager citizens waiting to see the Empire live, the tickets would give the festival around 6500000 crowns (around 841423,95 US dollars) - and unfortunately the money may not be ever seen again.

    This because of a news letter that yet another festival (Rock Weekend) wrote on the Hultsfred festival site saying that:

    When we read yesterday that this year's Hultsfred festival had been cancelled, we felt great grief with the organizers and the cultural icon Hultsfred, but primarily for visitors who've longe…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [June 29, 2010] - The empire lost yet anoter live gig - The Hultsfred festival in Sweden got cancelled.

    Very sadly the empire will not be able to play live for the thousand of Swedish citizens (fans) at the Hultsfred Festival 07th June 2010...

    This due to a "very bad" sale rate at the tickets for this years festival, where they sold approx. 5000 tickets, which would give the festival around 6500000 crowns (around 841423,95 US dollars) for the most expensive tickets available.

    The official website for the festival released a statement that goes:

    1986 was the first year the Hultsfred festival was held. By then no one knew that the festival would become a every-year tradition and that it would attract hundreds of musicloving people to the smoland…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [June 03, 2010] - [SHOCKING!] Luke Steele - "I haven't talked to Nick Littlemore since February."

    The website, NME, who have often fresh and unique news from the Empire, spit out a shocking article who have worried massive numbers of citizens.
    According to NME, Emperor Steele (Luke Steele) has not seen his band member since February this year.

    In an interview with BBC newbeat Luke Steele claimed he haven't talked to Lord Littlemore (Nick Littlemore) since the Brit Awards, which took place Tuesday 16 February this year (2010).

    According to the website Emperor Steele's response to this was:

    Nick (Littlemore) doesn't play in the live show, He doesn't play in anything. I saw him at the Brit Awards and that was like a bit of a reunion.

    Not only that, th…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [June 1, 2010] - Hultsfred festival rumors second album!

    Somehow it has became a norm for festivals to announce rumors about the empires second album!
    First we had the Heineken Open'er Festival which said Luke Steele has the second album in works and that it should be released somewhere this year!
    and also not only that, they added that the emperor is working aswell on two other "elder" projects, If you want to read more, read the full article here!.

    Hultsfred Festival is a festival in Sweden, where the empire will perform in full magic (including the dancers, Luke's and the dancers wardrobe, and maybe even the backgrounds!). On the festivals official website, they gave a little snippet of what to expect from the empire aswell as a little back…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [Unkown, 2010] - According to the Heineken Opener' Festival website, the empire is in the works towards a new album! If you believe in the polish Heinken Opener' festival (where the empire will play in Poland!) website, the empire is in the works for a new album right now! ...and not only that, they say it may have it's release... in 2010!
    This is some excellent news for the citizens! or what shall we say? for the whole world!?

    According to the site, it says that:

    In this time and moment, Empire of the Sun, under the control of Luke Steele, they are already working on their second album, who is said to be released this year. The works towards the second album must be highly advanced, because Luke says that even his older two projects (which mu…

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  • TheEmperianTimes

    [May 10, 2010] - The empire needed to cancel a Toronto live show, the band apologizes the citizens (fans) in Toronto by their official website.

    Unfortunately, the empire needed to cancel a Toronto live show at the Toronto's Sound Academy (the 8th August 2010), upsetting many Toronto fans.
    This because of a scheduling conflict made by the Sound Academy itself.

    The band released their official statement together with an apology for their fans on their official website, The statement goes:

    It is with great regret that Empire Of The Sun have been forced to cancel their planned performance at Toronto’s Sound Academy on 8 August due an unavoidable scheduling conflict. The band are hugely disappointed and would like to apologize to all the fans who h…

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